About us

At ImmunoTek, we believe that everyone deserves to live the life they want. The people that come into our centers to donate plasma help provide for the betterment of everyone.

Your Donation Saves Lives

Plasma is the pale yellow liquid portion of blood that for healthy individuals, can be quickly and easily replaced. It contains specialized proteins that help control bleeding and infections, and cannot be artificially produced.

Your plasma donation can be life-saving for many types of patients such as those living with rare conditions to those with immunodeficiency disorders, to our wounded veterans. Each plasma donation makes a life-changing difference creating a better future for those in need. Plus, you are compensated for your time and effort in helping others.

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Where we come from

With a combined 150 years in the industry, ImmunoTek Bio Centers is positioned to provide the best care and service to enhance the lives of our employees, donors, and patients through plasma collection.

Visit one of our locations today to learn more about how ImmunoTek Bio Centers can help improve your life.

What our donors are saying

Customer rating
I started the donating process and they were so quick about it. Hardly waited at all and the staff here are soo friendly! Can't wait to be a regular. :)
Customer rating
Very pleased with my overall experience. The kind, friendly, and knowledgeable staff is what keeps me coming back. GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!
Customer rating
Best place to donate plasma. The employees are very professional and friendly. They also pay well and give away great prizes.