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on why they donate life-saving plasma.

Scott Badge

I had a good friend who was like a brother to me that had hemophilia. In 1983, he contracted HIV from a blood transfusion. In 1998, he had a seizure and hit his head. They couldn’t stop the bleeding in his brain, and he eventually passed away. A few others and I have been donating in his honor ever since that tragic incident happened to him.


Amaya Badge

I donate plasma because my grandfather got sick when I was young, and he was in need of plasma. My mom and I were the only ones able to help him. His blood type was O+. My mom and I also have type O+ blood. Donating at that time gave me a few more months with my grandfather and I loved that! I’m also a CNA so I understand the need for loyal donors when it comes to plasma specifically. I look forward to my donation days because I use that time to destress.


Joseph Badge

I am inspired to donate plasma because during my childhood I was not able to breathe due to having bad asthma which then led me to have a bad stuttering problem. There are so many other reasons why I donate plasma, from the death of my father who died of cancer, to the death of my wife who had multiple sclerosis. For ten years, my wife and I went to different meetings and cities to see if any doctors could help her. It was a very hard thing to go through, but you have to keep moving forward. Sometimes it seems like it’s never going to get any better. By donating my plasma, I feel that it could give someone another chance at life and help develop medicine. I try to donate my plasma as much as I can!


Reva Badge

I started donating plasma to make extra money to prepare for my daughters and my Disney trip. I continued donating plasma when my aunt got diagnosed with liver disease and I found out that plasma helps with her health issues. I researched and discovered how plasma can help improve the lives of others, which then made me want to donate my plasma even more! I not only want to make money, but I also want to help others.


Clorissa Badge

Three years ago, my sister was diagnosed with cancer. It was the worst news ever, and our hearts were broken. She battled it, did chemo, and took medicine that had plasma in it. A year later, she was cancer-free. A year went by and sadly they found more cancer. Once again, our family was torn. Three months later they did another scan to see if her cancer had stopped spreading but it did not. That was when the doctors gave her six weeks left to live. On November 4th, 2021, my sister became a beautiful angel. As we keep her memory alive, I can only imagine what my plasma could also do for other people that struggled like my sister did. If I can take two days and a few hours out of my life to help someone I will. This is why I donate my plasma. I pray I can help someone else like my sister.


Natasha Badge

I donate plasma because after I had my son, he was taken to the children’s hospital as he was in bad condition. He was there for over two months and ended up needing plasma. He had a low platelet count. Plasma saved my son’s life. Now my daughter is facing a major surgery next week on her spine and I always remind myself you never know if she might need plasma as well. I donate plasma because it saved my son’s life and I know it saves way more.


Olivia Badge

My uncle was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia when I was a kid. Plasma infusions and bone marrow donations helped save his life and they are why he’s still alive with us today. Because of the people who donated their plasma then, I have my uncle today. Now I donate my plasma to help other families who also need transfusions and rely on donated materials for their life-saving care.


Sandra Badge

I have multiple reasons for what inspires me to donate plasma. My children needed donations at birth for them to survive. I love helping others in any way I can. Lastly, as someone who serves as an HHA/CNA, I feel it is part of my title to assist when and if possible, to help the needs of others.


Erin Badge

I donate plasma because I recently lost a child and I want to make sure that I can save as many lives as possible. Losing a child is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. It is the hardest thing to go through. Donating plasma is also helping me pay for her funeral.


Joseph H Badge

Back in 2015, my friend Sonny was diagnosed with a severe liver disease that required plasma transfusions. Luckily, ImmunoTek Bio Centers are in Pueblo, Co, and I started to donate plasma every week hoping to help save my friend. After years of receiving plasma transfusions, my friend is still alive and I am so thankful for ImmunoTek Bio Centers’ life-saving plasma treatments. As of today, I still donate regularly to help save other lives with my plasma donations.