ImmunoTek Bio Centers First to Launch VeinViewer® Technology

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(Southlake, TX) April 25, 2022 – Donating plasma is now easier, thanks to a smart new tool that allows our technicians to see the map of veins inside a plasma donor’s arm. ImmunoTek Bio Centers is proud to announce that its two divisions – ImmunoTek Plasma and Freedom Plasma – are the first blood plasma collection centers to use this groundbreaking technology. The VeinViewer® technology, developed by Christie Medical Holdings, has had great success in hospitals and medical clinics. Using the VeinViewer® in a plasma donation setting provides phlebotomists with real-time images of the donor’s veins before needle insertion.

The VeinViewer® uses direct projection vein illumination to identify vein patterns and display them on a patient’s skin. As part of plasma donation, a needle is inserted into the donor’s arm to withdraw blood that is then separated into individual parts during a process called plasmapheresis. Being able to easily see where the donor’s veins are located helps phlebotomists as they insert the needle to begin the process.

“Our technicians found that using the VeinViewer® provides a clear look at a donor’s veins before the needle is inserted. The ability to see this image increases their accuracy, makes the donation process faster, and reduces the likelihood of reinserting the needle,” said Blair McKinney, Chief Operating Officer of ImmunoTek Bio Centers. “We are proud to be the first plasma collection company to offer this next-level service for our donors.”

ImmunoTek will begin the rollout of VeinViewer® in all of its centers beginning April 24, 2022. ImmunoTek currently operates 27 plasma donation centers in 16 states.

“We are delighted ImmunoTek selected Christie’s leading vascular visualization technology to aid in establishing a comfortable environment and efficient encounter for donors,” expressed Paul Damiani, Christie Medical Holdings, Inc President.

Lisa Kaufman, Vice President at Christie, also added, “ImmunoTek has created an unparalleled donation ambiance and we look forward to integrating the unmatched VeinViewer for an even better donor experience.”

The United States provides 2/3 of the world’s supply of plasma, which is used to make critical life-saving medicines and plasma-based therapies. Blood plasma is in great demand and the need for it increases 6-8 percent yearly. Increasing plasma donations helps meet the need for plasma around the world.



ImmunoTek Bio Centers LLC is the fastest-growing independent plasma collection center operator in the United States and is a global leader in developing a reliable plasma supply chain for biotech companies. Since its inception in 2013, ImmunoTek has built and operated more than 50 plasma collection centers, most of which are or are in the process of becoming FDA-licensed and EU-certified, with nearly 40 additional centers in progress.


Christie Medical Holdings is a medical device manufacturer based in Lake Mary, FL, USA. Our market-leading, VeinViewer® Vision2, and Flex systems are near-infrared, vascular imaging devices that allow clinicians to clearly see accessible vasculature as a real-time HD image, projected directly on the surface of the patient’s skin. Since its invention, VeinViewer has transformed over the years into the current innovative models found in over 50 countries to accurately and safely illuminate veins up to 10 mm deep. It is the only vein finder of its kind that can positively impact the entire Pre-, During- and Post-access procedure through proven clinical and cost-saving results. See the original green light for yourself by visiting Christie Medical Holdings, Inc is part of the CAREstream Group of companies.

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