LFB American Plasma Partners with ImmunoTek

Les Ulis (France), New Orleans (USA). LFB American Plasma LLC, an LFB Group company, and ImmunoTek BioCenters LLC, announce an agreement on the supply of plasma collected in the USA. The newly set up United States subsidiary of the French biopharmaceutical company is a further step among many others towards expanding LFB’s global presence in the biotherapies field. LFB American Plasma has contracted with US-based ImmunoTek BioCenters regarding a long-term plasma supply agreement, which includes the development of several new plasma collection sites in the USA.

In 2015, LFB Group announced the decision to construct a new fractionation plant in the north of France (Arras region) with an annual capacity of 3 million liters, which will allow LFB flexibility with global growth objectives in the coming decade. The agreement with ImmunoTek will allow LFB to rapidly scale up plasma production, pending completion of the future fractionation plant. ImmunoTek specializes in strategic plasma supply and new plasma center development in the USA and currently has 30 centers in the planning stage for pharmaceutical customers. LFB Group and ImmunoTek will work together and strategically align business objectives to develop a considerable plasma supply chain initiative for LFB in the United States.

“In 2015, the LFB group reached major milestones in developing its activities worldwide with the registration of two new major products in Europe, an IVIg and a fibrinogen, and the start of the project to build a new-generation plasma-derived medicinal products plant.” says Christian Béchon, CEO of LFB S.A. He adds, “To meet our ambitions, as a global player, we need to diversify and significantly increase our plasma supply especially in the US. ImmunoTek is a very valuable partner to reach that strategic objective for our Group.”

“The development of a safe and reliable plasma supply chain continues to be an integral focus point for growing biopharmaceutical companies,” says Jerome Parnell III, CEO and President of ImmunoTek. Parnell concludes, “Synergy between LFB’s growth objectives and ImmunoTek’s experience to scale plasma volume will translate into a robust long-term relationship between both companies.”