Service excellence
Mutual respect

our mission

ImmunoTek enhances the lives of our employees, donors, and patients through the expert collection of life-saving plasma.

our mission

ImmunoTek enhances the lives of our employees, donors, and patients through the expert collection of life-saving plasma.

Service excellence
Mutual respect

Growth of current therapeutic drugs and vaccines as well as additional new therapeutic indications are expected to put considerable strain on global blood plasma supply.

ImmunoTek Bio Centers is an emerging bio-tech company committed to the safe collection and procurement of human blood plasma from the public.

Our management team represents over 150 years of plasma experience

The management team represents over nearly 150 years collective
experience in the blood, plasma, and biopharma industries.

Jerome Parnell, III

CEO & President
Board Member

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Jerome has been in the Blood and Plasma Industry for 20 years (1999). His Industry Related Work Experience includes: International Bio-Resources, LLC (IBR), Baxter International, Alpha Therapeutic Corporation. Jerome has managed and organized the structural development of a growth oriented Bio-tech company with 48 locations and 1700 employees. He specializes in Operations and Production Management, Strategic Management, Organizational Development, Project Management, and New Business Development.

Greg Strategier

Board Member

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Greg is a Certified Public Accountant with over 26 years experience in accounting and corporate finance. Greg has served in a CFO capacity for over 20 years. His core talents include: Cash Management, Forecasting, Finance, Human Resources, and IT management. As a founding member of a previous plasma collection company, also a startup, he was responsible for the Accounting, Human Resources and IT. He has twice before taken a company from an idea, to a business plan, to funding, to a viable operating entity, including a previous plasma company startup which was sold in 2010. Greg has been involved with the Source Plasma industry since 2002.

Scott Ramsey

Executive VP
Board Member

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Scott has been in the blood and plasma industry for 31 years (1988). His industry experience includes the following companies: International BioResources, Serologicals, Stough Enterprises, SeraMed, Seramune, and Acadiana Ventures. Scott managed the opening and FDA licensing of 48 US plasma centers over a 3-year period. He engaged the FDA in 48 US plasma center pre- licensed inspections resulting in all centers receiving biologic license and developed a corporate support structure to oversee the operations. His skill set includes: Plasma Operations Subject Matter Expert (SME), training, mentoring, and staff development. Operating system designer, developer, operating efficiencies and sustainability.

Tom Pennison

Chief Financial Officer


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Tom brings over 28 years of experience in accounting, corporate finance and business development. He has served in a CFO capacity for over 13 years in several multi-unit businesses with core talents including Cash Management, Forecasting, Finance, Purchasing, Human Resources, Legal, and IT management. Tom has strong experience in building teams, implementing technology to improve business processes (including reporting and analytics), various debt and equity transactions, including leading two Initial Public Offerings, strategic planning and investor relations. Tom joined ImmunoTek in 2020.

Blair McKinney

Chief Operating Officer

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With more than 15 years in the plasma industry, Blair has a wealth of knowledge and a finely honed skill-set in employee training and workforce development. Her focus on training began when she was the Corporate Training Manager with International BioResources, LLC (IBR). There, she was instrumental in establishing IBR University and developing a training team to ensure employees understood and followed the highest standards in plasma collection. Additionally, she developed and piloted a Center Manager training program to train Center Managers and Assistant Managers. Most recently, she was the Manager of Employee Training at Octapharma Plasma Inc. While at OPI, Blair created innovative and effective training materials through the use of interactive online modules and developed course content to engage the employee. A results-driven leader, Blair enhances the training experience through the use of multimedia. She creates a compelling learning environment through the incorporation of group interactive training materials and videos which she researches, scripts, edits and produces.

Jeff Robinson

Chief Compliance Officer

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Jeff has over 35 years of plasma industry experience with Desert Plasma, Alpha Therapeutic, Nations Biologics, SeraMed, Aventis, International BioResources, LLC, Talecris, and Octapharma Plasma Inc. Jeff has managed field operations, field quality, regulatory affairs, project teams, and audit groups. His successes include new center opening and licensure, center acquisition and integration, and FDA and European inspection preparation and certification. He is able to use his experience across multiple facets of the plasma industry to add support and expertise to a variety of donor center, corporate, and customer initiatives.

Jay Williams

Chief  Development Officer

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Jay brings more than 25 years of experience in project management, construction and development and has served in a CDO capacity for several recognized multi-unit businesses. His core talents include real estate expansion, construction and the development of retail franchise units. Jay joined ImmunoTek team in April 2021.


Kathryn Rost

VP, New Center Development & Administration

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Kathryn has 13 years of plasma industry experience. She worked for International BioResources managing the team that opened 48 centers in three years. Industry experience includes managing and developing: New Center Development (NCD) Corporate and Field teams, NCD Opening Matrix & Project Plans, Purchasing Department and Vendor Relationships, Human Resources Department, IT Department and Production Systems Department. She has also served as Director of Support Engineering and Energy Services at Global Data Systems where she managed the 24/7 Network Operations Center and Engineering Team which supported over 300 customer contracts. Kathryn specializes in Project Management, Process Development/Improvement, Resource Management, and Operational/Financial Reporting.

Michael Messick

VP,  Regulatory Affairs

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Mike has over 30 years of plasma industry experience with: International BioResources, LLC, Serologicals, SeraCare, SeraMed, and Acadiana Ventures. Mike has been an FDA Authorized Official since 2002. Mike has a comprehensive background in all operational, quality and regulatory aspects of a plasma center from line staff, center manager to corporate quality and regulatory. He specializes in FDA regulatory submissions, SOP writing, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, Process Improvement, and cGMP.

the global leader in plasma supply

ImmunoTek is strategically positioned to partner with pharmaceutical entities to open, manage, and operate plasma donor centers as a service, but is also structured to maintain long-term operations and center ownership.

ImmunoTek manages multiple FDA/EU licensed plasma collection sites to meet the on-going demand of plasma proteins in the therapeutics market.

history of success


  • International BioResources, LLC (IBR) Developed, Opened, Licensed, and Operated 13 plasma centers.
  • An additional 23 centers were purchased in June 2003 and operated through 2006.
  • All 36 centers were sold along with 25 additional centers in various stages of development.
  • IBR managed 39 FDA Inspections and 31 EU Inspections
  • IBR managed approximately 3 million procedures


  • IBR Developed, Opened, Licensed, and Operated 48 plasma centers.
  • All 48 were sold on or before June 30, 2010.
  • IBR developed advanced Standard Operating Procedures (“SOPs”), Training Manuals and New Center Development Plans.

Core competencies

  • Contract Plasma Supply
  • New Plasma Center Development
  • ImmunoTek and its subsidiaries manage plasma supply contracts and plasma center development agreements for various pharmaceutical companies:
    Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Grifols BioTherapeutics S.A., Talecris BioPharma, Octapharma AG, Kedrion BioPharma, LFB Pharmaceuticals, Cangene BioPharma and Emergent Bio Solutions.


  • The former COO, CFO, and VP, Operations of IBR formed a new company called ImmunoTek Bio Centers, LLC and acquired the total assets of IBR in November 2012.
  • Assets included all intellectual property: Standard Operating Procedures (“SOPs”), Training Manuals and New Center Development Plans.

2014 – present

  • ImmunoTek opened first center in March 2014.
  • Since March, ImmunoTek has:
    • Opened 44 centers
    • Acquired 36 FDA Licenses
    • Acquired 36 EU certificates
    • Acquired numerous compliance licenses/certifications/approvals from customer audits and several regulatory agencies such as CLIA, PPTA, COLA, and AHCA.


operational centers

managed over

FDA inspections

managed over

EU inspections

completed over

million procedures

designed & built right

ImmunoTek provides concept to completion “design-build” services for plasma collection entities seeking an experienced partner well versed in this highly regulated industry.

We work with a select group of architects and contractors who understand our business thus making the design and build process the most effective and efficient possible. Our standardized approach to collection facility design allows for an average build time of 125 days. ImmunoTek manages relationships with partners that have the capacity to locate, design, and build up to 20 new plasmapheresis centers per year. Per customer requirements, ImmunoTek works as a liaison with a team of architects, contractors, and vendors that have experience building FDA and EU compliant facilities. ImmunoTek will consult with our partners and your firm’s officials about location, layout, design, zoning, specifications, and equipment needed for a healthy start-up.

facility development gallery